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Help us to stop Trump's sick plan to grant permission to his son, Jnr. Duck, to bring elephant trophies back to America

Yes that's right. As of today, Donald Snr. has given his sick offspring the rights to go off to Africa, shoot the few remaining Elephants left in the wild and cut off their tails - then, to bring back their heads to hang up on the walls of the Duck mansion.

Please sign this petition to help stop his wicked plan.

Thanks from all of the Elephants who don't speak human.


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I signed it.

Many thanks, Helela ~ due to the pressure, He's now put his plan on hold. Well done, and thanks again!

I'm glad it's on hold. This plan needs to be abolished. How cruel. 

Yes. Most people don't get it - there are so few elephant left over in the wild, that to give a licence to hunters to bring their "trophies" back to the US goes beyond ideas of cruelty. It's a form of insanity. Elephants are shot for their tusks but what is even worse is that the poachers often poison water holes, sometimes wiping out an entire herd in one go. It's a slow and agonizing death - the same as when a hunter shoots an elephant or lion. Trump and his sons seem to enjoy the concept of making sentient beings suffer and die for their own false ego fulfillment. They are as guilty of genocide as the poachers are - there's no difference at all. How can they? 

Look at their faces - very cruel. They deserve all the cursing they get

They're disgusting. And your right. They don't need to harm these elephants for any reason. There is no difference between having a license and poaching. It's a matter of the heart. 

I was going to remove this discussion because in all fairness, Mr Trump does no trophy hunting himself and in his own words, he's not his son's keeper. Fair is fair, and so it may have been premature to accuse him personally of aiding and abetting wildlife criminals based on a possibly fake news report..

Having said this, and with respect to Mr Trump I am keeping it posted because there are so many heartless wildlife criminals out there who are disgusting and deserve to be reborn as endangered animals in the wild with nice fur coats or tusks that some people seem to prize above any moral or ethical consideration, and will take from them with the maximum amount of cruelty and violence imaginable, all to satisfy their puerile ego needs..

Lots of love, fellow animal lover!

He can't control his sons true, but he's made it easier for them to kill innocent animals, just to be able to say he did it.


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