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Harry Potter, Blue Jays, A Newsletter From New Mexico, September 9, 2009 and the Number 524


Harry Potter and blue jays were two parts of what appeared to be a series of synchronous events that occurred in my life over about a two week period. The “message” being conveyed through this synchronicity was, in my opinion, not only personal but may also be relevant to a lot of other people including some of you who are reading this.

The complete list of things that made up the synchronicity were 1) the feeling that it was time for some major changes spiritually, 2) an article on a Celtic shamanism web site that led me to the Harry Potter books 3) a New Mexico newsletter and the date, September 9, 2009, 4) some blue jays and 5) the number 524. Let’s see if I can explain all of that so it makes sense.

1) The Feeling That It Was Time for Some Major Changes

Two to three weeks ago (this was written in September 2009) I started sensing that I had entered a critical time in my spiritual journey. The desire to better define my own spiritual path was compelling. It felt that it was vital, on a personal level, for me to zero in on specific areas in my spiritual journey and focus on them. In essence, I felt like a student putting together his schedule of classes for next semester. Though I was aware that these choices weren’t necessarily lifetime choices, I was very aware that these choices were still extremely important. I wasn’t sure what my “schedule” would look like but I sensed that when it was done, the “classes” would complement each other.

A major factor in my decision process was my granddaughter’s question. Whatever classes I was going to include in my schedule, each one had to contain within it the possibility of experiencing the “magick” of Jesus. I wasn’t interested in anything that didn’t inherently possess the possibility of experiencing alternative realities and the spiritual dimension.

Some of you will not be surprised that one of the classes on my schedule would be shamanism. You may recall that we hosted a shaman workshop in November of 2008. As result of that workshop and further research, study and contemplation, I wrote an article entitled “Was Jesus a Shaman?” in December 2008 and then a follow-up article “Stepping Out of the Boat of Ordinary Reality.” Over the past year, nothing has diminished my belief that some form of shamanism needs to be a major component of my spiritual walk so it definitely is a “class” that I am going to take.

I realize that for some people, describing Jesus as a shaman sounds almost blasphemous. I would have thought so as well not all that long ago but I have dropped a couple of “agreements” within me and in so doing, I have been able to see Jesus in a much different light. Now that I understand shamanism, at least to some degree, and now that my understanding of Jesus has changed, I think describing Jesus as a shaman is an appropriate, accurate and wonderful description.

2) An Article on A Celtic Shamanism Website & Harry Potter

With the awareness that shamanism was going to be part of my spiritual journey, I found myself on a Celtic Shamanism web site about two weeks ago. The web site belongs to a woman from Scotland. We briefly corresponded not too long ago. As I was surfing her site, I came across an article she wrote on symbolism within the Harry Potter books.

Before I comment on the article you should know that back in 1997 when the first Harry Potter book was published, I had some very strong agreements in my life that led me to the conclusion that I wanted nothing to do with those books.  There were wizards and witches and spells etc. in those books. I certainly didn’t want my grandchildren, Josh and Tyler, anywhere near them or the ensuing movies and I let my daugher, Tamara, a.k.a. my daughter, know that in no uncertain terms. It would have been very easy for me to label J.K. Rowling, the author, a tool for the devil. In fact, I probably did. The best thing that could happen to those books involved some gasoline and a match.

Well… as they say, the only thing you can be certain of is that things will change. Needless to say, I have dropped a lot of agreements from my life that led to those opinions and since I respected the woman who wrote the article on the symbolism in the Harry Potter series, I decided to read her article.

Lately I have been reading a lot about myth including writings by world renowned mythology expert, Joseph Campbell. Campbell points us how hurtful it is when a society loses its myths. The author of this article. Geo Athena Trevarthen, got my attention when she wrote, “The Harry Potter books do serve as myths for many of us, on all the levels at which myth functions. They’re wonderfully entertaining, they give us models for behavior and they speak of the deeper meanings in life that all seekers are looking for.”

Then I read, “One of these ideas is that we can enter different realities, as Harry enters the wizarding world at Diagon Alley and platform 9 ¾. Here we’ll look at how the ‘Three Hallows’ relate to three kinds of consciousness that we can experience: happiness, sorrow and the state of spiritual awareness that can help us deal with the first two most constructively.”

For a moment I felt like I was reading a commentary on a Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle or Thomas Moore book.

Further along the article stated, “Hermione is named for Hermes, patron deity of the ‘Hermetic Arts’ that include alchemy and magic. JK Rowling admitted to studying vast amounts of alchemy early on. We’ll see how the principles of ‘natural magic’ in the books apply to life and how alchemical stages tell us a lot about our inner lives.”

Alchemy is often thought to be all about changing a base metal like lead into gold but true alchemy is about the changing of the common into the sacred, the human into the divine, about becoming a “new creation.”

I will share just one more quote, “Harry’s story can tell us a lot about making choices and about much more besides. We all play the seeker in the game we’re given. We seek love, wisdom, spiritual experience, survival, safety, excitement and fun. Harry’s story can guide us on the quest.”

( Please visit Geo Athena Trevarthen’s website - http://www.celticshamanism.com/ )

I do not expect this to make sense to most of you but as I read that article, I could feel “tears” form inside of me. Something was resonating, something was striking a chord deep inside of me. Perhaps it was the realization of what I have missed out on due to some past “agreements” in my life.

I am sure that it won’t surprise you that as a result of reading that article, I headed to our public library and picked up the first 4 books in the Harry Potter series and proceeded to read them over the course of about 4 to 5 days. I definitely wasn’t expecting what happened as a result of reading just the first book.

Good friends of mine know, that as a kid, I would curl up in my grandfather’s rocking chair, put a big window fan about 4 feet in front of me and turn it on high (I love white noise). It blocks out the noise of the world for me. I would curl up under a blanket and then escape from the reality of my physical world through books. One of my most frequent places to visit was 221B Baker Street. The world around me vanished as I travelled back in time and accompanied Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson on all their adventures. As a kid, I read book after book and used them to travel to far away places in my imagination.

Over the years in my journey to adulthood, I lost my imagination. It has been missing for a very long time but somewhere between the covers of that first Harry Potter book, I found that it was returning.

Suddenly I felt that I could go back to 221B Baker Street if I wanted to. I could travel on the Orient Express once again with Hercule Poirot. I could go to the 9 and three/quarters Platform and travel to Hogwarts. It was like old times, like being a child again and bluntly, I don’t think that is a bad thing. A very wise person said, “Except you become like little children you cannot experience the kingdom of God.”

There was a time when I sat in the parlour at 221B Baker Street or rode in a hansom over cobblestone streets in London. Yes it was in my “imagination” but it was real. The slipper on the mantle in which Sherlock Holmes kept his tobacco for his pipe existed in my head. And you know what…  I think that feeling is returning and I am thrilled.  So I am 57 years old and have no problem telling you that I can’t wait to get back to Hogwarts and join Harry Potter on his next adventure.

And yes, I am definitely going to watch the Harry Potter movies [though rarely are movies as good as the books but that is okay]. Actually, I thought I was going to watch the first one a couple of nights ago until I discovered that my youngest son took that DVD with him when he left to go back to work on board a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. How dare he!

I will come back to Harry Potter at the end of this article but for now we will move on.

3) A New Mexico Newsletter and September 9, 2009

As this was going on, a friend of mine sent me a newsletter written by a woman in New Mexico. In the newsletter this woman addressed the possibility that this September and in particular, the time around September 9, was a time of major changes taking place in the spiritual realm. That date resonated in me so I checked my library account and realized that it was September 9 when I took out the Harry Potter books and started to get my imagination back.

Without getting into a lot of detail, the newsletter suggested that we are currently in a time when many people need to make huge decisions in their spiritual journey if they are going to make them at all. I certainly could relate. It’s a time when people are going to have to sever ties to the past. Many things had to be cut out of their lives if they wanted to move forward spiritually into a new level of awareness/consciousness and experience new and higher spiritual dimensions. It was a time to leave behind our prior lives [time to be reborn], and maybe even prior roles. It was time to seriously consider jettisoning many of the agreements that have dominated and controlled their lives for years and years. It was time to move into a higher dimension of living.

It was a critical time. It was time to get off the fence and make a 100% committed decision. As the book of James says, doublemindedness will get you nowhere. It was time to commit. As Jesus said, if you are truly going to put your hand to the plow, there is no looking back. It was time to let go of all the baggage that was holding me back from moving ahead spiritually.

The newsletter also suggested that this was a time when communication would get more difficult with those who wanted to remain and live in the old reality and lower dimensions.

I think we see the same thing with Jesus. Those who were tied to their version of reality and their current religious system and were unwilling to experience the change and transformation Jesus was proclaiming, couldn’t understand what he was talking about. They simple didn’t get it. (There were some who may have got it but they didn’t want to admit it because it would have cost them their power, authority, control, prestige, position, etc. Without question, change can be costly! You could end up like Jesus and his disciples – being described as heretics by the religious powers that be!)

I am no prophet but I can learn from history. The old system and those who clung to it rejected Jesus’ teachings and the resulting transformation that would be the result of applying his teachings. They clung to it to their demise. A generation later (40 years) the old system was destroyed. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the same thing happen today. In some way, shape or fashion, the old is going to pass away.

I could say much more about the contents of that newsletter but I will simply end with this. It suggested that it was time for each of us to examine the patterns in our lives and to seriously consider our beliefs and see if they are producing the “fruit” that we desire. If internally you sense a desire for something more, then perhaps you need to consider ending some of the “spiritual agreements” that have dominated your life up to now and make the necessary changes that will enable you to grow and thus experience higher levels of spirituality. In nature, if something isn’t growing, it is dying. It is, to a great degree, the same within humanity. You are either growing or you are dying. If people look at your life, would they see much growth over the years? One of the very encouraging things for me personally is that as we have ventured down this new spiritual path, I can see some real transformation in people in our group over the past couple of years. That is exciting, especially in light of the fact that we all feel like we are just getting started on this journey.

And speaking of our group, that leads me to blue jays.

4) Blue Jays

Last Saturday afternoon at our gathering a very good friend shared how she had become aware that morning that a significant number of blue jays had gathered in her yard. This may be out of your comfort zone, as it was to her as well for a long time, but she now has a shamanism book that gives the symbolism and meaning of various animals. She felt that the gathering of the blue jays was significant so she looked up the meaning of the blue jay in her book and then shared it with us.

Here are a few things that she shared. The blue jay represents power. It also represents a connection between heaven and earth and the power each affords us. However, one can “dabble” in both worlds and never master either. The blue jay can send the message that despite having great ability one can be scattered and simply dabble in spiritual matters but never put forth the commitment, discipline and committed development needed to be a master in spiritual practices. The blue jay is reminding us to follow through and complete that which we start.

The blue jay also tells us a time of greater resourcefulness and adaptability is upon us and this is a time to use our energies to access new spiritual levels.

Finally the article stated, “If the jay has flown into your life, it indicates that you are moving into a time where you can begin to develop the innate royalty that is within you, or simply be a pretender to the throne. It all depends on you. The jay has no qualms. It will teach you either direction.” The blue jay was definitely speaking to me!

5) The Number 524

After hearing about the blue jay, I shared with our group that I had awoke a couple of mornings previous very convinced that the number 524 had some significance for me. As I meditated on it, I became convinced that it was a page number in a book but I wasn’t sure what book. Saturday morning I felt led to look in a particular book on my bookshelf. I turned to page 524 and discovered that on page 524 a person was mentioned that was extremely relevant in the life of the lady who had just shared the message of the blue jay. That person was Paramhansa Yogananda. On page 524 Yogananda was addressing the importance of knowing who you are and then living out that image. It was what I had been contemplating for the past couple of weeks, since September 9.

Later a person who was at our gathering went home and then e-mailed me this, “I also looked up 524 in my angel numbers book and this is what it says. “You've clearly heard the Angel's guidance about making necessary changes. Trust in this Divine guidance, and follow it without delay.”

In essence, what my friend sent me regarding the number 524 summarizes the synchronicity I have found myself experiencing the past couple of weeks, since about September 9. It is time for changes to be made, for me personally and perhaps for you as well. We all need to trust that divine guidance will lead us to the path that we need to be on at this time. NOW is a time to take action.

Conclusion: In the fifth book of the Harry Potter series, Harry is going through a difficult time. He is not sure what the future holds. He realizes, however, that no matter what happens, he can never go back to living in a world without “magick” and “wizardry” now that he knows and has experienced the world where those exist.

Harry definitely speaks for me and to me. I may never find the answer to my granddaughter’s question that started this series but to not pursue the answer is simply out of the question. I cannot go back to a religious world in which the mystical and the magical are often ignored, sometimes denigrated and rarely experienced. Now that I have tasted the buffet, there is no way I can go back to the other. It is a critical time and important decisions need to be made but what an exciting time it is as well. There is “magick” in the air!

It may be unexplainable but when we catch a glimpse of the miraculous, when we get a whiff of the mystical or get a taste of the magical, it ignites something in us. When we discover a spirituality where anything and everything including animals, numbers, colors and symbols can speak to us, life gets exciting and interesting. Every moment has the potential to be “magick.” And once you get a taste of that, like young Harry Potter, you realize that no matter what happens you can never go back to a life where the “magick, the miraculous and the mystical” are set aside and never experienced.


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