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The Hidden Meaning Behind Your Dreams and Dream Incubation

Dear soul seekers, your soul is constantly speaking to you in subtle ways, with signs and symbols and gentle nudges especially through your dreams. Dreams are one of the many ways that your soul can forge that powerful connection and speak to you. We all dream to some extent every night even if we can’t always remember the dream the next morning.

I’ve been studying and working with dreams for many years. My dreams give me a heads up when there’s something wrong with my body, an issue that needs to be addressed in my life, or even relationship with someone in my life. The list is endless as far as what your dreams can bring to the surface. The best part – its FREE advice and it comes from a higher source.

Many of us remember some of our dreams with great clarity, but when we come to interpret them, there are some that we struggle to figure out, and there are others that just slip away as soon as the day starts. If you’re not working in partnership with your dreams then you’re missing out on a great resource for helpful advice, guidance and direction.

Over the years, I’ve taught myself to acknowledge and listen to my dreams. For example, I know that when I dream about being immersed in water up to my chest, then it’s often symptomatic of the onset of bronchitis, so it’s a sign for me to take extra care and dose up with vitamin C. In other words, I acknowledge and act on the warning signs being given to me.

When you tap in to the power of your dreams, they can provide an unlimited resource for you. Many people are totally amazed when I explain that they can often acquire the answers they’re looking for from their dreams, by a process called Dream Incubation. In others words, it’s possible to program your dreams to help you work out problems or issues that you may be having at a certain time. I highly recommend creating your own personal Dream Journal and try and write down your dreams every morning. A book, which I advise all my students to read, is: “Dreams & Symbols,” by Kevin Todeschi.

John’s Lesson

Try this simple Dream Incubation exercise this week before you go to bed.

Write down an issue or concern that you’re currently experiencing in your life. A great place to write this would be in your Dream Journal. It’s a bit like submitting your incubation request. Read it a few times to yourself before you drift off to sleep, so it remains fresh in your subconscious, allowing the higher source to give you guidance as you sleep.

Try to keep the question or issue as short as possible, preferably to one sentence. For example, you might write: “What’s the next move for me in my career?” or “How can I improve my relationship?” or even, “What’s going on with my body at this time?”

It helps to wake up gently, so I hope you don’t have an alarm clock that shocks you awake!

When you awake and before you do anything else, write down in your journal everything you received in the dream. Write down anything that stands out, such as: symbols, feelings, emotions, even the colors before your feet touch the floor, because by the time you get back from the bathroom, the dream may have slipped away. You may not remember anything or feel as though you didn’t even dream at all.

Don’t give up. Try it for a few nights as you get used to programming yourself to dream and condition yourself to start remembering them. You can even try asking the same question for a few nights and record in your journal anything and everything you receive, even if it doesn’t make sense. Even if it seems like a puzzle, the pieces will eventually fit together and you’ll see the message of guidance materialize and start to make sense from the pieces.

When it happens for the first time, you’ll ask yourself how you didn’t see it before, as it will seem so obvious. The more you study dreams, the easier it gets to interpret them. Sometimes though, I believe some of our dreams are simply a way of the mind emptying itself from the day you just had. After a while, you’ll be able to distinguish if the dream has true meaning or a dream that is working to release the day.

That’s the beauty of dreams. I encourage you to start reading and studying as much as you can as you begin working with your dreams. It’s a resource that’s readily available to you and the more you use this soul ability, the more you’ll benefit from the guidance and messages. Enjoy dreaming!

Live a Soul-Filled life!

Source: http://omtimes.com/2016/01/dreams-dream-incubation/2/

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