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THE SEPTAGRAM AND THE PLANETARY PORTALS PART 1: The Energy Matrix Of Creation And The Planetary Spheres

The Septagram is the Esoteric symbolic seven pointed star representing the celestial forces of the seven planets worked with in the Arcane Rites of the ancients, these seven heavenly spheres have been utilized within many Magickal philosophies and Occult Ritual applications for centuries their powers linked to correspondences with the Chakras, Goetic Spirits, the Gods and Goddesses of ancient pantheons (particularly those of Greece, Rome and Egypt), the Tree of Life of the Mystical Kabbalah, the Tarot and Candle Magick to name but a few.

The currents of these seven planets can be found in the Rites and Magickal operations of practicing Groups from the highest Esoteric Lodges through to the Covens of modern Paganism and represent one of the most powerful forces in Arcane practice.

My own practices which are founded mostly upon work with the deities of ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Babylonian deities and the Spirits of the Magickal system of the Goetia are entwined with the application of the currents of these seven planets.

For those not familiar with my work or writings I uphold a belief system which is founded upon all things originating from an original core, a divine spark, the creative flame from which all in existence has duly manifested . . . this original core, this creative fire may be likened to the concept of the Architect of the Masons, to the all creating Godhead of the Kabbalah or indeed to any principal deity of the many religions which exist within our world . . . but in truth when I speak of the 'core' or the 'Creative Flame' I speak of the gestating force of creation itself rather than one monotheistic being!

To me all Gods, Goddesses and the multitude of Spirits which populate the infinite realms of the Energy Matrix of Creation are manifestations of that 'Creative Flame' which lies at the core of the Matrix itself, just as we are manifestations of it on a smaller level.

As the Matrix spreads out ever further from this central core, this originating thought which sparked creation itself the flame may reduce in size so to speak, or dim in bightness and yet the source of the spark within all is still of the same essence.

When people speak of the 'divine spark' in man (humankind) they are honouring the microcosmic representation of that 'Creative Flame' . . . the soul.

On higher realms forces resonate closer to that Creative Flame void of mortal covering, these descend in levels of power throughout the Energy Matrix . . . God and Goddess forms which existed independent of human thought yet which have been clothed in the cultural and spiritual guises of humankind's perceptions, lesser spiritual forms which reside within various spheres of the Matrix, Spiritual Elementals and Elemental beings connected to the physical manifestations of our own world.

When one seeks contact with a particular God/Goddess form they are contacting the energies of that form and the spheres connected with it and through this portal of contact making connection with the Creative Flame of the Matrix itself.

For example a Ceremonial Magician working with the Goddess Aphrodite is connecting with the energies of love, harmony and beauty through one of the ancient planetary forces (Venus) and in turn connecting with the core of the Matrix of Creation . . . the Magickal aim of the Rite will thus create vibrations throughout the web of the Matrix which shall journey to the core of it and return through its currents to manifest the intended desire here upon the mortal realm.

Within the Energy Matrix of Creation all is connected, all linked through the infinite web of currents and the gestating thought of the Architect iof Fire which is the Creative Flame itself . . . with this in mind we can see that every thought and action by any living entity within the Matrix will carry ripples across that infinite and ever expanding Matrix of Energy, here lies the power of Magick for through Magickal Rite there is Ritual intention to actually cause such a ripple, a willed application to effect other spheres upon the Matrix and make manifest changes within the dominion of the Practitioner.

Through Planetary Magick such connections, changes and willed effects are highly powerful for the planets themselves have a natural effect upon our own world and their spiritual/Magickal essence is also linked to the auric field of our own planet but also to the energy currents of the Matrix itself and so the Creative Flame.

As the human body as a soul and an energy/Auric field so too do planets . . . it is not so much the physical body (or any physical manifestations) that is directly linked to the core of the Matrix but the soul, the Auric energies and the unseen forces which reside within the perceived physical world and beyond.

An example of this is Ley line energy which runs unseen throughout our world but in my train of thought beyond this to form links with the energy web lines which form the Energy Matrix of Creation itself . . . connection is the true 'key' to understanding all Magickal application and the evolution of our own higher self!

Here lies the understanding of the power of Planetary Magick . . . the seven celestial spheres of the ancients are Keys/Portals to entering realms of the Energy Matrix which are of a more pure manifestation of elements of the energy source which is the Creative Flame of the Energy Matrix of Creation itself, the Gods and Goddesses connected with these planets are pure manifest emotive forces of the Architect of Fire, elements of its creative whole and by connecting with them we are directing communicating with aspects of this cosmological infinite mind which are reflected within our own subconscious and the universal subconscious.

The Septagram is more than a Magickal symbol representing these seven ancinet Planetary spheres, it is a key to entering portals and realms upon the Energy Matrix, to connecting with aspects of the subconscious mind within ourselves and within the universal mind . . . within the mind, the inner flame of the Architect.

A way of utilizing this is to see the Septagram as the map of a Ritual Temple, this Temple could be built pysically but need not be . . . in fact this Temple is best forged as a Spiritual/Mental/Astral Temple for then it becomes a Sphere apart from and yet connected to all realms within the Energy Matrix including the core itself.

Visualize the centre of the Septagram as the apex of the Temple, its seven points as pillars reacing from the base of the Temple to arch and reach the Temple's ceiling . . . the pillar of the Sun is yellow and bears the symbol of its planet and the Spirit Och in gold, the pillar of Venus is emerald green and bears the symbol of its planet and the spirit Hagith in bronze, the pillar of Mercury is orange and bears the symbol of its planet and the spirit Ophiel in silver, the pillar of the Moon is violet and bears the symbol of its planet and the spirit Phul in silver, the next pillar Saturn is black and bears the symbol of its planet and the spirit Aratron in pewter, the pillar of Jupiter is royal blue and bears the symbol of its planet and the spirit Bethor in dull silver, the final pillar of Mars is deep crimson and bears the symbol of its planet and the spirit Phaleg in silver . . . a circle of gold runs around the Temple floor joining these pillars and upon the floor at its centre upon a dias of black is the symbol of Omega in silver, directly above this upon a dias of pure white which forms the the apex of the arched Temple is the symbol of Alpha in bright gold . . . these representing the gestated beginning and manifest end, the stylized A of Alpha also corresponding to Aleph of the Kabbalah and representing the Architectural Fire of creation.

The Altar may be placed upon the Omega dias or before the pillar of the Sun at the primary point of the Septagram . . . the pillars of the Temple are visualize as physical and yet upon the recitation of the Sacred Keys of Opening each pillar shall be as a pillar of energy which shall manifest a door of opening, a portal by which entry into the celestial sphere of its planetary correspondence.

The points of the Septagram are as conduits to the Energy Matrix of Creation itself and so the portals entered through the pillars connected to the sphers upon this Matrix . . . here (as with the Sefira of the Tree of Life) the realms contain the energy currents and associated correspondences of the particular planet.

Within this Temple we may traverse the currents of the Energy Matrix and connect with higher beings and spiritual elementals such as the Djinn through the Planetary Keys which have been empowered and gestated throughout centuries of Magickal practice . . . .septagramplanets.gif

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