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The Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Deck Contains a Petit Lenormand

Above, Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Deck

For those who have the Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards sitting on a shelf collecting dust, it can be used as a Petit Lenormand.


Things to note:

  • You have to separate the 36 Lenormand cards from the full-sized 52-card deck. I've listed them below.
  • They are NOT printed with the proper number on them. The number won't be important for those who are beginning Lenormand. It becomes more a part of the process when you start working deeply with the Grand Tableau, though (a spread for advanced readers that includes all 36 cards). The images will work great, though.
  • Some of the meanings printed on the cards disagree with the system I've been taught. I choose to ignore them.
  • There is no Cross card.  So instead, I used #37, the rapiers. They are two swords "crossed" and considered a negative card.

Above, Rapiers can substitue for Cross

Above, comparing the card inserts & numbers for "Crossroads."

The French Cartomancy (left)  and The Original Lenormand (center) contain the Queen of Diamonds insert, while the Gypsy Witch deck (right) contains the Ace of Clubs.

Above, Grand Tableau with the Gypsy Witch....

Below are the cards you will want to separate from the rest of the deck to use the Lenormand images.

  • On  the LEFT are the usual name and number of the typical Lenormand Cards.
  • On the RIGHT are the Gypsy Witch Cards' names and numbers to find in  your deck


1 Rider =   No. 14, Rider

2 Clover =  33, Clover

3 Ship =  9 Ship

4. House = 3 House

5. Tree = 5 Tree

6. Clouds = Clouds 25

7. Snake = Snake, 13

8.Coffin = Coffin, 6

9. Bouquet =  Bouquet, 7

10. Scythe = Scythe, 8

11. Broom/Whip = Rod, 30

12. Birds = Birds, 9

13. Child = Children, 12

14. Fox = Fox, 11

15. Bear = Bear, 50

16. Stars = Star, 34

17. Stork = Stork, 21

18. Dog = Dog, 27

19. Tower = Tower, 35

20. Garden = Park, 26

21. Mountain = Mountain, 32

22. Path = Roads, 31

23. Mice = Mouse, 29

24. Heart = Heart, 39

25. Ring = Ring, 23

26. Book = Book, 22

27. Letter = Letter, 15

28. Gentleman = Gentleman, 19

29. Lady = Lady, 18

30. Lily = Lilies, 20

31. Sun = Sun, 1

32. Moon = Moon, 2

33. Key = Key, 4

34. Fish = Fish, 17

35. Anchor = Anchor, 28

36. Cross = 37 Rapiers (there is no  Cross card)


To learn more about how to read the Lenormand, CLICK HERE.





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