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Rudraksha is Beautiful seed and Direct Worshipped as Representation of Lord shiva himself,the supreme Hindu God and Protector of Entire world. God shiva is also known as Yoga and Meditation Originators.

Rudraksha is also known as fruit or Seed of tree which is only one Every Hindu Devotee Praying (worshipping) and Wearing,Meditation Rossary or necklace.Rudraksha is worshipped in home and Temple but Wearing Necklace on neck is also known as Rudraksha Mala Which is made necklace or Hindu word 'Mala' Combining 108 bead of Rudraksha ,Every 108 bead of Rudraksha mala is made up of Same size bead Rudraksha. For Daily Doing Chanting of different god and goddess as well as Doing Mantra,Jap,Spirtuality work ,Meditation ,Rudraksha mala is worn compulsory in Neck as Necklace to attain oneself power,cosmic energy but mostly to please god shiva with hope to make god shiva happy and to attain Oneself happiness till life time by remembering him.

In Hindu Supreme holy book and Script Like Brahma Veda,18 Puran,Devi Bhagwata Gita etc,it is clearly Described which had a huge reference,glory and God story of Rudraksha. According to mythology it is Described about importance and benefits Briefly.It is said in Holy book Hindu that Rudraksha is 'God Shiva Himself',According to puranic story and reference,Hence God shiva himself said to his Elder Son Kumar that in Every Rudraksha I will be Presence with Different God and Goddess.

So About All Rudraksha Different Types which is Said and Spoken mostly Sanskrit word Mukhi Rudraksha types is also known as 'Rudraksha mukhi' or 'different mukhi'.So mukhi and types are synonymn. All and every Rudraksha Seed is God shiva himself but all god and goddess is symbol of different mukhi rudraksha(Different types of Rudraksha). So god shiva Directly represent and is presence in every rudraksha along with different god and goddess.

Every Rudraksha Mukhi(types) God and goddess Representation Story,Reference in Described in Different supreme hindu book and Script like Puran,Devi bhagvatam gita etc.

Points to Remember - Each Rudraksha Seeds is Grown in Rudraksha Tree with Different Mukhi (Type) and Some time more same mukhi etc.

Each mukhi Glory,Representation of God/ goddess with god shiva,Each mukhi Benefits,importance and Mantra for Rudraksha mukhi are described serially below.

Rudraksha - Description and Articles.
Here are different Questions and Answer,Must know Detailly for Rudraksha and who are new to know story,Glory as well as different Question Regarding Rudraksha with detail for rudraksha.

1 - What is Rudraksha or Meaing of Holy seed Rudraksha?

- According to Hindu Supreme Book and Scipt like Rudra Jabapalonisad,Shiva Puran book,Agni Puran Book,Skanda Puran, Devi Bhagwat Supreme Book ,Shastra (Key text of hindu) as well as Different Mythology and Rudraksha Script Book etc. "Rudraksha" is Described as well Rudraksha seeds is Direct Symbol of Hindu Supreme god,God of meditation,God of God Bhagwan Shiva Symbol and only one Pleasing bead to god shiva and all vedic hindu god and goddess,Rudraksha is Worshipping and Wearing beautiful Powerful seed where lord shiva is directly presence and Represent as “Rudraksha bead”,Hence Rudraksha is Direct Symbol of God Shiva.

Rudraksha pleases god shiva as well as those who worship and wear rudraksha those God shiva himself Devotee are always near to god shiva.Hence those who worship god shiva himself is regarded as attainer of Rudra hood .God shiva is also known as god of god,Easily pleasing God and Supreme leader of Universe.

So Regarding Story and Origin Mythology from different Puran,Holy book and Script of God shiva. Once Upon a time When one day god shiva opened his eyes with long meditation to kill demon named Tripura Daitye danab.Cetainly few tear drop of god shiva fell down after opnening his eyes after long meditation. Such a Divine and Supreme god shiva tear fell down on Land.After Droping tear on Land,The tear drops on Land originated Rudraksha Plant,Hence When Rudraksha plant Became huge tree, Tree Started Growing Rudraksha Bead (Seed) or Fruits in Tree as Rudraksha.Rudraksha Plant have Cover in Outer Surface like for example Cover of Fruits like Banana and Orange.Rudraksha is Hindu Sanskrit Word which is composes combining two word ,two word are 'Rudra' and 'Aksha'. Rudra denote god shiva,Hence Rudra is one of many name of god shiva whereas 'Aksha' denote Tear of an Eye.

Hence Rudraksha is Described by god shiva himself and different Puran had Huge Glory(mahima) of Rudraksha,its Importance,Benefits ,About pleasing bead to hindu supreme god shiva.etc.

2 - Does Rudraksha Grow Every where? How can we find Original Rudraksha?

- Rudraksha is mostly Grown in most populous Hindu Country and God Shiva Sri Pashupatinath home Nepal ,Some place of Haridwar in India,Some place of Java.But among All Country Rudraksha is Importance and Highly worshipped as well as found in Nepal and Many place of India. Among all place Nepal Rudraksha is considered as most Auspicoius,Powerful,and naturally Quality Rudraksha bead.

The name of Holy rudraksha Grown place of Nepal are kathmandu city,bhojpur village,Arun valley. etc.Where as some place of india like haridwar is consider as good in all india.

In Nepal name of Rudraksha Tree and All Seed of Rudraksha tree or any Mukhi of tree is Known as Rudraksha .Rudraksha Tree is also said Briksha the Sanskrit word for Tree .Rudraksha is Sanskrit word. In english and Biological word for Rudraksha is utrasum and elaeocarpus. But in nepal and india only Rudraksha is spoken rather than International and Biological name for both tree and bead. But Rudraksha mukhi is said 1 mukhi,2 mukhi,3 mukhi rudraksha by their identification.Rudraksha mukhi is god shiva himself as well as Rudraksha seed of single tree,but only Physical change of rudraksha with different change of line on rudraksha which represent different representation of god for each rudraksha.Each mukhi Glory,importance,beneifts is highly gloryfied in puran and other hindu script.

Original Rudraksha and findining it- NepalRudraksha offer and Sell Nepali Original Rudraksha which includes varities of Rudraksha mukhi, We sell Rudraksha mala From nepal with Shipping globally from our online page at nepalrudraksha.We also Sell all puja item,Rudraksha directly at our shop at kathmandu nepal.Devotee Can als o Contact Directly nepal or email us for Rudraksha,mukhi and mala.

3 - What are Different Name for Each Type Rudraksha or What are identification to find them ?

- yes there are different Rudraksha types,name for each type which is known as mukhi,its colours etc Each Rudraksha importance,God representation in each rudraksha is Described.Rudraksha differenciate each other in Single tree due physical body of Rudraksha,Those Physical appearance in Rudraksha is type which is also known Spirtual varities(type) of Rudraksha and different god representation.

The type of Rudraksha category are as follows Spirtually or Physically.

1st reason of type is - By Mukhi of Rudraksha - About varieties of mukhi is given below.

2nd reason of type is - By Size of Rudraksha - Each Size of Rudraksha importance is given below.

3rd reason of type is - By colour of Rudraksha - Colour of Rudraksha and who should use is described below.

Description - Spirtual Type and Hindu Importance.
- 1st Reason of Type Which is By 'Mukhi'.

Rudraksha mukhi Refers main type or Spirtual Varities of Rudraksha in Single Tree. Different Rudraksha Mukhi is Grown in single rudraksha tree. Mukhi or Mukhi of Rudraksha refers to Countable line which rudraksha have in Rudraksha Seed.Hence Every Rudraksha have Countable which is denotation of number,Can be less in number and more for example Can be 5 mukhi rudraksha which have 5 countable line on rudraksha seed and also can be 21 mukhi rudraksha ,which have 21 countable in rudraksha,hence Every rudraksha have different number or countable line on rudraksha known as number of mukhi. Each mukhi(number) denote different hindu god and goddess along with god shiva.

Detail Example For identifying mukhi and imporatance of Each mukhi -If Rudraksha seeds have only one line or One Countable lines Formation which can be clearly visible from eye is known as One mukhi Rudraksha,Like wise Two mukhi Rudraksha have 2 countable eyes visible line on bead like wise it goes for rest 3,4 ,5 ,1,2,7 or can be 20 mukhi Rudraksha etc . Rudraksha beads is Grown in Nepal From 1 mukhi to till 21 mukhi Rudraksha Rarely and very Easily.Hence some mukhi(Line) is very easily available whereas some are very rare and expensive.

Details for Each mukhi Rudraksha

About Spirtual Important of Mukhi (Countable line) ,According to Devi bhagwat and Shiva Puran Each Mukhi from 1 to 21 mukhi rudraksha in each Rudraksha lord Shiva will be Presence with all god and goddess.

Here are list of God for all mukhi Rudraksha with short Description

1 - 1st type Rudraksha is known as one mukhi rudraksha or One face Rudraksha. One mukhi Rudraksha have only one Countables lines on each bead. One mukhi is direct Symbol of Param brahma lord Shiva.

2 - 2nd type Rudraksha is known as Two mukhi Rudraksha or Two Face Rudraksha. Two Mukhi Rudraksha have only two countables line on each bead. Two mukhi is direct Symbol of lord shiva Parvati(Aradhnareshwor) .

3 - 3rd type Rudraksha is known as Three mukhi Rudraksha or Three face Rudraksha. Three Mukhi Rudraksha have only three countables line on each bead. Three mukhi is Direct Symbol of lord Agni and hindu trimuti(brahma,visnu and maheshwor.)

4 - 4th type Rudraksha is known as Four mukhi Rudraksha or Four Face Rudraksha.Four Mukhi Rudraksha have only Four countables line on each bead. Four mukhi is Direct Symbol of Param Brahma and Goddess Saraswati .

5 - 5th type Rudraksha is known as Five Mukhi Rudraksha or Five Face Rudraksha. Five Mukhi Rudraksha have five Countable line on each bead. Five mukhi is Direct Symbol of Pancha mukh lord shiva (Kal-Agni Rudra).

6 - 6th type Rudraksha is known as Six mukhi Rudraksha or Six Face Rudraksha. Six Mukhi Rudraksha have Six Countable line on each bead. Six mukhi is Direct Symbol of Skanda kumar kartikey ,elder son of lord shiva.

7 - 7th type Rudraksha is known as Seven mukhi rudraksha or Seven face rudraksha. Seven mukhi Rudraksha have Seven Countable line on each Bead. Seven Mukhi is Direct Symbol of Sapta Rishi along with Seven mother(Matrika).

8 - 8th type Rudraksha is known as Eight mukhi Rudraksha or Eight face Rudraksha. Eight Mukhi Rudraksha have Eight Countable line on each bead . Eight mukhi rudraksha is Direct Symbol of Lord Ganesh(Asta Siddhi) along with batuk bhairab(lord shiva).

9 - 9th type Rudraksha is Known as Nine mukhi Rudraksha or Nine face rudraksha.Nine mukhi Rudraksha have Nine Countable line on each bead.Nine mukhi rudraksha is Direct Symbol of Nawadurga(nine form of goddess parbati).

10 - 10th type Rudraksha is known as Ten Mukhi Rudraksha or Ten Face Rudraksha. Ten mukhi Rudraksha have Ten Countable line on each bead. Ten mukhi rudraksha is Direct Symbol of lord vishnu(10 form of lord vishnu) .

11 - 11th type Rudraksha is known as Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha or Eleven Face Rudraksha. Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha have only Eleven Countable line on each bead. Eleven mukhi Rudraksha is Direct Symbol of Hanuman and Ekadash Rudraksha.

12 - 12th type Rudraksha is known as Tweleve mukhi Rudraksha or Twelve Face Rudraksha. Twelve mukhi Rudraksha have only Twelve Countable line on each Bead. Twelve mukhi Rudraksha is Direct Symbol of lord Surya dev(lord Sun).

13 - 13th type Rudraksha is known as Thirteen mukhi rudraksha or Thirteen Face Rudraksha. Thirteen mukhi Rudraksha have only thirteen countable line on each bead. Thirteen mukhi rudraksha is direct symbol of lord Kam and God indra(god of god).

14 - 14th type Rudraksha is known as Fourteen mukhi Rudraksha or Fourteen Face Rudraksha. Fourteen mukhi rudraksha have only Fourteen countable line on each bead. Fourteen mukhi rudraksha is direct symbol of lord shiva parbati and hanuman.

15 - 15th type Rudraksha is known as Fifteen mukhi rudraksha or Fifteen Face Rudraksha. Fifteen mukhi Rudraksha have only 15 Countable line on each bead, Fifteen mukhi rudraksha is direct symbol of lord pashupatinath mahadev.

16,17,18 ,19,20 and 21 mukhi Rudaksha will be noted soon.

2nd Reason as Type - By Size.

Rudraksha is found in small,big and medium size bead,Small size rudraksha is mostly used in wearing,meditation or mantra purpose in home as well as very convenient to sleep. Big Rudraksha is used in temple mostly.But any rudraksha small or big single bead or mukhi is worshiped and worn as locket in gold silver or thread.

3rd Reason as Type- By Colour.

Rudraksha Colour can be found in Brown mostly(normal colour),some time white and brown red. etc. Each color have huge glory in Puran and rudraksham book.It is recommened that Each colour rudraksha is recommened for recommended cast. But now due to rudraksha Rareness as well as to get Pure Rudraksha and more number of fake seller ,Original rudraksha is difficulty to find,hence any rudraksha is god shiva himself and any rudraksha can be worship and worn to please god shiva.

Various Use of Rudraksha

The Use of Rudraksha

Rudraksha is specially worshipped in home to please god shiva,supreme Hindu God of Leaders.Beside Worshipping Wearing Single Rudraksha Seeds Locket with thread or in silver on Neck is Holy and Godly which attains Rudra hood,those who wear Rudraksha seed on neck is Protected by all negative Cosmic Energies power and Rays.

According to Hindu Scriptual Verse in Shiva Purana it is said that those who even touch Rudraksha ,will be Sin free ,whether those divine Soul had commited sin in Past or Present.

Rudraksha Rossary.

Rudraksha Rossary is Also known and Said as Rudraksha Mala Specially in Hindu Tradition and cultural Language.In Rudraksha mala or Rudraksha Rossary Total of 108 Bead of Rudraksha beads is Combined Together.

108 beads Combination Rudraksha mala had huge Glory and importance why to Combined 108 beads of Rudraksha together and to makes its Rudraksha mala or Rudraksha Rossary.

USe of Rudraksha Rossary - Specially Hindu Devotee use Rudraksha Mala in Various Ways,Mainy to Count Rudraksha beads From 1 to till 108 bead of Rudraksha in Single 108 Rudraksha Rossary. While Counting ,Devotee takes Each Count with Remberence,Sound and name of god and goddess.So this process is also known as Chanting,Mantra or Japa.

To be Continued - Further About Rudraksh Can be Viewed On nepalrudraksha.com


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