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My Life and Succubus/Yukshee early experience

Hi anyone reading these.

Before going to my brief experience i will like to talk a bit about past weird experiences.

My first memory was me in a white room that didn't seem to end, it was full of cradles and i think i choose one then my next memory is going to the kitchen to see my mother.

Since i have memory i can see these dots like lights everywhere and nowhere at the same time they are over everything but at the same time they don't cover the objects, walls or people. When it's dark i can see them more or at least notice them more.                                                                                                                                                                

I told my mom when i was 4 because i saw a tree with pretty lights. My mom and aunt thought it was the aura so then they told me how to look at auras, it was really easy but for some reason i stop doing it. I think is harder to do for me now but i still can in about 6 seconds of looking at one finger.

I remember waking up one night and i saw a green glowy like person looking at a shelf  in my room. I was terrorize i think that it realize i was looking at it and started turning really slowly i closed my eyes and just thought about falling asleep and i did. I couldn't sleep alone for years cause of that.

Once i was running in my grandma's house i wanted to go to the backyard and 2 clearly distinguished hands grabbed one of my legs i wasn't brave enough to look down, they let my go after some seconds, now i assume it was my guardian angel because there was a ladder in bad state to get to the backyard and maybe i would have fell if wasn't for that.

Other time i was walking home and suddenly got this feeling to stop, i did and a taxi pass at like 60 miles in front of me.

On this year 2017 january or early february i don't remember, i was going to sleep, i was laid in my back and after having my eyes closed for a while i started to feel like my mind was moving somewhere like my awareness was falling i don't know how to explain it, then i started feeling something worse than fear i can't really explain it either and then an image of a black shadow in the corner of my room, the moment i opened my eyes every bad feeling went away.

I went to google and type something like "fear after falling asleep" everywhere i read say it was a panic attack but it never really felt right to me.

i told my mom it didn't really help, the next day i was really neutral i was feeling like empty or hollow. At like 6pm or 7pm i started telling myself that this couldn't´beat me so on that night instead of opening my eye i stayed with the bad feelings and started screaming at them in my mind and telling that no one have the right to make me feel like that, and it stopped for that night, the next days beside bad feelings i heard voices they didn't sound like a language that i know but i just did the same that last night and after some days or weeks (i don't remember) they stop.

About two weeks ago i read sexual Alchemy and Familiar Spirits from Donald Tyson so i learned about gods and goddesses, magic and spirits. I'm really open minded so  i just accepted everything i read as real and didn't even doubt anything everything just felt right.

Some days after that i found a Yukshee/Succubus invitation ritual, i would link it at the end of the post. I fell in love whit

what i read on the page, about this love spirits so i tried it. I did it and after some minutes i started feeling warm on my legs and arms and then pleasure on my penis and butt, i felt really awkward and after some seconds it stopped.

I got dreams about things i like and about past people that i really dislike. I think that Yukshee left me after some days, I did another calling but without saying everything that the page said but what felt right to me, so i call two Yukshees and after the call i closed my eyes to go to sleep and i got the same state of mind that maked  me have the bad feelings and voices but this time my whole body started feeling really warm and nice and like vibrating, i got happy scared , on my mind i was like "YEAHHH IT WORK!" i was smiling and laughing.

I started to  feel warm in my chest every time i laid, i also started having dreams about people i knew and also with my friends, about 3 or 4 days ago the warm or cold starting feeling like a hand or skin to be more exact.

Today i have a dream with the girl i used to like, it was we expending time together it wasn't a "date" it was like i don't know everything just felt natural. I don't know if the dream was to make me feel happy and they use her form to met me at my dream or if i was supposed to reject that person so when i woke up i felt really bad and started apologizing to them, they didn't seem to respond in any way so i though they left me for that but some minutes ago this bracelet appeared in my bed, it is mine but i haven't use it

    so i'm using it and i have felt their warm so they haven't left me yet at least.

I forgot to say this but 2 days ago i started feeling fear at like 2am or 3am maybe 5am and i didn't want to sleep with fear so i waited to 7 or 8 to sleep.

I would be updating this post if anything relevant happens. 

Here is the Link

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