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Religion. Race. Gender. Nationality. Flag. All divisive labels, human constructs, to cause division, separation. These words can feed hatred and a person's need to feel they can control others. These are not words of Love.
Cut my skin and see my blood flow, is it not the same colour as yours? Could you tell what nationality or religion I am just by seeing my blood?
Under this skin, is my skeleton, can you tell by seeing my skeleton what gender I am, what my sexual orientation is?
Labels are things created to place us in boxes by human society and yet they can never define us. These labels are used to create wars, justify horrors one human can inflict on another.
It is like the blind leading the blind.
Sadly many people follow blindly as its too scary to be who they are. A beautiful, wondrous, unique individual.
Love. Joy. Compassion. Unity. Love. All emotions that carry us beyond a need to conform, and funnily enough, just by being.
We ARE beings of Love. We are all One, all connected.
When you hurt someone because they are different to you, either by race or religion or any other label, you are reflecting the pain and hurt you yourself feel. And in doing so, you continue to perpetuate the hurt you are feeling.
By choosing to love someone unconditionally, you are recognizing the Oneness you share. By placing yourself in their position, and remembering you are all Human, allow yourself to feel compassion and be the being of Love you were created to be. 
Yes I have had people hurt me in my life for various reasons, and yes, I have been angry about the things they have done, but by sending them love, and trying to understand their pain and hurt, I can break the cycle of the negative emotions within myself and hopefully the other person too.
As a Human, I make mistakes, often. But I allow my heart to remain open, to try to be compassionate and above all, remember I am a citizen of Earth, not a nation, not a gender, just Human.
With love always, Lorri. 

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