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Dia De Los Meditation_Adelaide Marcus

(Thanks Pagan !)


Very beautiful indeed, Pagan! Did you know that the High Priestess is hiding within this photo, too?

To see it more clearly, let's look at a photo I found explaining my point a little better:

The High Priestess is about "secrets" that only she knows (see how she blocks the one pillar from view..and disguises her face). Only she knows what's underneath her mask. Same goes for this one:

"I know a secret and I'm not telling !"

Now again with Pagan's photo:

Dia De Los Meditation_Adelaide Marcus

She keeps her mask on in public with lovely tattoos for all to see. Her left hand of the spirit leaves two fingers and then one showing her knowledge of the 21 Major Arcana of the Tarot. Nothing else to see here, right? Wrong !

Look closely at that "Left" hand again....it could be a form of the numbers 666...and what of her 'darkened eyes' underneath the lovely mask? Is she keeping a dark secret from the public that only she and those who know her well can understand? Her head is covering the moon...also another foreshadowing of the secrets she is hiding... 

...you may be surprised at what darkness resides in each of us. That is why we need to search within ourselves and meet our inner secrets and embrace who we really are. We may each wear our own masks for society, but our inner true self cannot be ignored. The sooner the Fool understands who she is on the inside, the sooner she will feel like her inner and outer lives will be in harmony !


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