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We are a social networking site devoted to both personal enlightenment and social enlightenment of a spiritual and philosophical nature.

As a site we are non-denominational and not affiliated with any existent group or path. We also welcome philosophical thinkers who are atheist and scientific in their thinking who are respectful of spirituality.

We chose the name Temple Illuminatus for a few reasons. Temple because we want this to be sacred space, a sanctuary for people of all beliefs. Illuminatus because it is the Latin term for someone who is highly enlightened.

Many people are more familiar with the term Illuminati, which is the plural of Illuminatus, a group of enlightened ones.

There have been a number of groups over the centuries who have called themselves the Illuminati. Some believe a group of corrupt wealthy elite by that name are manipulating world events. We are not affiliated with that, or any other, existing Illuminati group.

We are the new Illuminati. The peoples illuminati.

For we believe that the path to spiritual enlightenment is one we are all on. That mankind as a whole, as a social and spiritual unit, as well as individually is moving towards greater spiritual awareness.

This site is diversity friendly, we are committed to empowering the individual in their personal spiritual path to enlightenment. We do not judge or limit our membership in regards to their spiritual beliefs, philosophies, politics, gender identity, sexuality, or ethnicity. Please understand that in order for all to be respected here, all must in turn extend that respect.


We are Temple Illuminatus home of the Neo-Illuminati.

This is a time of spiritual awakening, and we hope you will join us.





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