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What are ghosts made of? what is the nature and substance of a ghost?

What are ghosts? What are ghosts made of?

For thousands of years, sightings of spirits have caused people to ask the question, “What are ghosts?” Knowing that interactive ghosts are the disembodied spirits of people and animals, the question remains, “What are ghosts made of?”

Ghosts must be made up of energy; that we do know. Spirits have sometimes been reported by some as glowing, emitting their own light source. This has caused some to wonder if ghosts could be comprised of the basic unit of light, called photons. Photons, however, do not carry an electrical charge but are known to emit different energy forms (infrared light, gamma rays, etc). Many forms of electromagnetic waves, such as gamma and radio waves, can pass through solid objects where visible light struggles to do so due to wavelength and frequency. Different wavelengths of photons are actually what allows us to see matter in the visible spectrum. The waves bounce off of atoms, visible light interacting with many solid things.

Since atoms make up the physical world, ghosts, which are capable of passing through solid objects such as walls, must be made of something smaller than atoms. Neutrinos, also called “ghost particles,” are indeed smaller than atoms and are known by scientists to be able to pass through objects. Initially, one might think that ghosts might be fashioned out of neutrinos. The problem with
ghosts being neutrinos is that neutrinos, like photons, do not carry any electrical charge. If neutrinos carried an electrical charge, atoms would repel them.

Because atoms are surrounded by electrons, solid items (matter, comprised of atoms) bounce off of one another. If ghosts can be detected by EMF meters and are capable of disrupting electronic devices, then it would make sense that they possibly carry an electrical charge. This is what troubles both scientists and ghost investigators. What, then, are ghosts?

It has also been theorized that ghosts could be made up of plasma. Plasma is the fourth state of matter beyond a solid, liquid or gas. It is comprised of charged particles called ions and electrons. Plasma is a collection of atoms which have absorbed so much energy that the electrons have separated from their nuclei. It is an ionized gas, highly energized, and the most common state of matter in the universe. Neon lights are an example of plasma that is created by energizing gas, within a sealed glass tube, until it glows. What is encouraging about ghosts possibly being a form of plasma is that there are many types of plasma which exhibit different characteristics. In other words, there is a chance that ghosts could be a yet to be understood form of plasma.

One could make a strong argument for ghosts being comprised of plasma bodies, because like ghosts, plasma generates electromagnetic fields. It even conducts electricity and radiates electromagnetic waves. We know that plasma can emit light, as the sun and stars are plasma bodies that do so. The shape of the sun as a glowing orb might reveal the natural shape of plasma. Interestingly, some orbs that are thought to be of ghosts and spirits, are also round and emit their own light source.

Several years ago, Joshua P. Warren of LEMUR discovered that ghost lights (glowing balls of light) seen on Brown Mountain were actually luminous plasma orbs created by electrical discharges created during rainstorms. The LEMUR team was able to prove this in a lab environment. Their finding demonstrates that plasma balls of light can manifest in the natural environment, appearing and disappearing just like ghosts.

If a plasma were of a lower density, it could be capable of slipping through walls. In example, scientists are aware of dark matter, also called “collision-less plasma,” that is an invisible, physical substance that has the ability to pass through other matter like itself. Could ghosts be made of something similar?

What about ghosts becoming visible, then disappearing? It's been noted that magnetic plasma can become translucent or transparent, depending upon its frequency. The lower the frequency, the more translucent and visible the plasma will become to the human eye. In similarity, the opacity of a see-through specter would fluctuate just like eye-witness reports, the ghost being able to appear and vanish right before one's eyes. Even more intriguing, perhaps the frame of mind of a disembodied spirit could change the frequency of the plasma body, making the apparition appear from dark to light!

As of this writing, no one knows what ghosts are made of. Theories abound. It is possible that ghosts are made up of undiscovered particles. We'll have to wait and see...

(Article from http://angelsghosts.com)

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Very interesting, makes sense. :) Thanks very much for sharing.

That was very informative, thank you! Also, I always wondered what dark matter is.

The idea that a ghost consists of matter reminds me of the old question, whether or not the soul has a weight. I found this article regarding the topic: http://www.snopes.com/religion/soulweight.asp

Arrheton, your comment is fun... We can feel that there is something there that passes when we are with a person or animal who dies. Even a plant feels so different without the life force.


But perhaps it is just that, a force, like gravity, or time. It has a way it shapes and bends that relies on its own rules. Perhaps the weight changes were due to the effect on other forces that the life force has, rather than weight, per se. :)  - Great topic Leila!

I think that Spirit People are on a different energy plane that for some cant be seen or heard. However for those like me they bombard us, we are a beacon light, like a  lighthouse in a bay. I also believe that because we can only hear in certain frequencies, and see in certain light planes that again those not intuned only see and hear what they mind allows them too. However I have no faith in "orbs" or "light anomalies" they can be discounted so easily and usually are. I truly believe that spirit people are just that the energy of a person left here for whatever reason.  Whos to say...

Darkest Blessings

Dawn )O(

what do you think about orbs this is somethnig i have been told most of my life  Orbs are believed by many to be ghost in the form of balls of light.They are life forms that travel in groups and are believed to be the human soul or life force of those  that once inhabited a physical body her on earth. so is orbs the same thing as a ghost or is it the form of a ghost if so why do they change form's ?

I don't know, like most things in life, all we have are various theories. Personally I believe there is good evidence for orb phenomena in areas that have experienced what appear to be hauntings. However this does not indicate what the exact nature of the orbs themselves are, maybe they are somehow ghost forms and spirit energies. However I could see it as possible they are something else entirely like an entity completely independent of humans that are attracted to haunted locations. Maybe they feed off the energy of haunted sites? Maybe they are attracted to spirits like pilot fish are attracted to whales and one ghost may have many orbs 'attached' to it? As they often do seem to travel in groups. For myself when we don't have loads of evidence and only speculation, like to keep an open mind to possibilities. There are probably many more possibilities as to the nature of orbs. What the reality is is very hard to determine.

Maybe orbs are more likely to be seen in areas where there are hauntings because people are more likely to photo, videotape such events in places where there are hauntings? Maybe there is something to it... but I like the fact that generally many of the shows have determined to need multiple types of phenomena to occur to claim there is something happening.


I wonder if more research into seemingly possibly related phenomena like ball lightening and special lights such as the Paulding Lights, would allow us to understand the nature of light phenomena enough to gauge standard versus a special light phenomena. Of course, I think ghosts and lights are natural to the environment, so it may just be hard to ever really separate out specific phenomena as being especially due to ghost phenomena. Who is to say they are not able to manipulate the natural lights anyway? 

What about the ghosts of the deceased? Well, a very popular theory is that they are made up of the natural electromagnetic energy that the human body has inside itself. This theory is popular because very often during ghost hunts in haunted places and other places of paranormal phenomena, EMF readings that are unexplainable and erratic are caught on EMF detectors. You may be wondering what else a ghost may be made up of besides EMFs. Well, one man thought that the human soul is made up of something that holds a little more weight. Duncan McDougall tried to prove that the human soul was actually made up of some kind of mass. He performed an experiment with five dying patients by weighing them before and after their death. He found that their bodies actually hat lost a couple of ounces after those patients had died. It seems that there may be more to the soul than just EMFs but what exactly is it?
It's definitely still a mystery... :) and a very interesting one.


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