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thanks ...

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Hello all

Comment by Linda M. on June 30, 2015 at 10:09am

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Comment by Linda M. on May 13, 2015 at 11:48am

Truth Spell

Knowing a good truth spell is helpful when you have to deal with dishonesty. Just remember that forcing people to tell you things that they would rather keep to themselves is not the right approach for this kind of magick. But getting to the bottom of an issue when someone is lying is a justifiable use for witchcraft. So think about the situation before you start setting up your altar for this truth spell.
truth spells
Loosen Lying Lips Spell

This is a spell to help cause someone to come clean about any lies they are telling. The poppet will take a little time to put together but you don't have to make a work of art. A rough representation will do. Besides that, these are the rest of your materials for this spell:
• A cloth doll or poppet
• Stuffing for the poppet
• Dried thyme
• Dried rose petals
• One white candle
When you are making the poppet, you need to use stitches to "draw" the face (or at least the mouth). You can't draw the features on with a pen or marker. A few scraps of fabric and thread will work to make a doll. The person's name has to be on it, but that can be written if you don't want any more stitching to do. You can make the poppet up before you sit down to do the spell. Just make it in a human shape, stuffed with any stuffing but also with the dried herbs.
To do the spell, light the candle and have the poppet ready with a little pair of tweezers or scissors. Think about the person involved and the lies they have been telling. Say the following:
Through the mist of lies, deceit
The force of truth, you have to meet
Open lips and speak it true
Say what's honest, you must do.
Repeat the words twice, then slowly pick out the stitches of the poppet's mouth. When done, repeat the words another two times. Use tweezers to burn the bits of picked-out threads in the candle flame. This should should loosen up lips to let out the truth. Leave the poppet on your altar until you've gotten the honest information you want.

Comment by Linda M. on November 17, 2014 at 5:30pm

^This is a fun read. It amazes me everyday how magic is used in our everyday mundane lives without our aknowledgement.


comb, brush-friendship
eye drops-truth, sight
soap-cleansing, healing
lotion-cleansing, healing, binding
nail polish-color magick, beauty
cotton-rain magick, fishing magick, healing, protection
diary-memory, wisdom, friendship
light bulb-light, sun magick, daytime magick
stove-magick, power, energy
perfume-subsitue for incense, psychic powers, peace,
paper-prayers, message magick, wishes
pencil-communication, wishes, thoughts, mental abilities
paper clip-keeping your goals or life together, binding
playing cards-wishes, dreams, fortune telling, almost anything depending on
the card's symbol, number, or picture.
Animal Crackers - internalizing animal attributes, way to honor a totem or

Apple sauce - peace, love, health, (may very if flavored with a specific

Baking soda - increasing energy

Beef jerky - abundance, money

Bread - providence, prosperity, luck

Cake mix - Wish magic, celebration

Cereal - Earth magic, money, grouding, protection. Note: Any fruit or
sweetening in the cereal will change its potential application.

Chocolate - love, passion, life's sweetness

Corn - longevity, the Wheel of Time

Dried fruit - varies by type

Eggs - fertility, potential, metaphysical awareness

Instant Breakfast - faster manifestation, energy

Jelly - joy, abundance, (varies slightly by type)

Peanut butter - the god aspect, Earth magic, tenacity

Potatoes - healing, stability, Earth magic

Pretzels - cycles, the solar wheel

Salad croutons - alternative for breadlike energy

Tomato paste - smoothing love's path
Broom and dustpan - yin/yang energy in balance
Butter or steak knife - athame
Cookbook - your Book of Shadows (of course!)
Cutting board (or countertop) - the alter
Disposal or compost box - Earth element
Exhaust fan, open window, air conditioner - Air element
Fork - penetrating the surface to reveal truth
Freezer - halting negativity; cooling anger; preserving magical energy for a
later date. Hint: Mark your freezer bags with the theme of the food so you
can warm up that energy any time!
Measuring cup - cup
Mixing bowl - Goddess image
Pot - Cauldron
Rolling pin - even temperedness, forbearance, control (also alternative wand
or God image)
Sink - Water element
Spoon (Wooden) - wand
Storage containers - protective, sustaining energy
Stove or microwave - Fire element
Thermometer - carefully monitoring one's emotions or a situation
Timer - timing the magic so that it bakes up just right (the sounding of a
bell helps with manifestation, especially if you include it in your
Turkey baster - God image
Beer - purification, healing, blessing, promises and vows (solar)

Coffee - prayer, alertness, energy, socialization (solar)

Cider - health (solar)

Distilled beverages - banishing (solar)

Mead - eloquence, creativity, love, strength (lunar)

Milk - the mother aspect of the Goddess, sustenance (lunar)

Tea - divination efforts, comfort, healing, courage (depends of the base

Water - cleansing, purification, refreshment (lunar)

Wine - celebration, luck (red wine is solar)

Comment by Linda M. on October 31, 2014 at 10:00am







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