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 I am Nimkii Mshepshiwana, I am Duiren, I am who and what I am; no more, no less. I am Celtic, I am Native American Indian from the Ojibwe Tribe, I am not half of either I am all of both.

 I was raised on and around my Tribe's reservation most of my life where I learned my Native American heritage and the Medicine ways and Spirituality of my Ancestors. I also spent a lot of time around my Scottish Celtic family where I learned that Ancestral Pathway, Today the path that I walk is my own path, woven and plaited from many into one.

 Without the teachings of my Ancestors I would not be the open, spiritual person that I am today. Without the things I learned through the Ancient Ways, I would not have learned the New. Although the time of our Ancestors has come and gone, their ways were right for thier time. The way we do things now is different, but it is so because it must be so. Times change and the way that we work changes to deal with the energies of the times. Our Ancestors would have a very difficult time in our age, just as we would in theirs.

 However, the foundations that the Old Ones have given us prepare us and help us to grow, to learn and to live. Knowledge of Spirit, Medicines, Wellness, Food, Art and Culture. We would have no place to start if it werent for those who came before us, that is why our Ancestral Pathways are so important.

 My question for you is this; "How have your Ancestral Pathways made you who you are? Who are the Ancestors that shine through you? What path do you walk and how is that connected to the Old Ones?"

I look forward to your answers!

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Thanks, your turn now! lol Welcome to the group by the way!

who is supposed to be the first to follow your story?! LOL

It is awe inspiring, my friend.  My story does not translate into words so well, because I don't process that way.  What way? Whatever way we process to focus our memories, history and knowledge into a viable story of who we are. Oh, I can do words, I just can't do my story...maybe because so much of who I am is still unfolding for me.  My story seems not to be so much about my past, anyway.  Also, my story seems to be one that just isn't meant to be told before its time...when I try, it goes astray, to put it simply.  

However, I thank you for sharing, because, while my truth may still need to remain my own, I love being involved with those who are willing to share their truths with me.

hi I am new to the group but would like to say this post is inspiring and Im a bit envious. I personally dont know nything about my dad and my mom was mostly english scottish and irish. but I dont know a lot about that either. I envoy your background and that you got to know more about it and was raised in a very naturalistic way. good for you. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for your reply, remember that your background is no less than mine or any others, I just happen to be very in touch with mine. Remember also that you are the product of the love of thousands ;)


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