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The Most Natural Religion

The term serpent worship relates to honoring the Divine within of oneself and without, the Goddess and God of Nature. We are the tree, and the serpent is always within the branches ~ microcosmic reflections of the greater cosmic macrocosm.Ophiolatreia is the world's oldest form of spirituality and of this there can be no reasonable doubt. The evidence is very clear that the same common symbolism and spiritual practices were to be found among all peoples before the advent of the male-dominated religions.Our Ancient Ancestors venerated the Serpent for many reasons, as the serpent represents the pure spiritual energy of the Divine.

The Serpent, a feminine, androgynous creature symbolizes Time, Birth, New life, Re-birth, Immortality, creative and destructive powers, sexuality, healing and Wisdom. Serpents are of the Earth, and guard the Pearl of Wisdom.

The Serpent is thus very closely intertwined in the many portrayals of the Divine Feminine, in art, sculpture and prose.


The Hieroglyph for The Goddess .


Snakes are identified with the Power of the Earth, and of Nature and the Universe.

Throughout the Middle Eastern regions and throughout Africa, snakes were brought into the birthing chamber, to guard and assist in the childbirth process. And, when snakes were not available, Bellydancers would do the trick!



The Childbirth Dance was performed by women to entrance the mother to be, and so facilitate an easier and safer birth.

The shimmying, undulating motions of the Dance, which prepare a woman’s body for the childbirth process, and were an essential part of the Women’s Mysteries, were performed in honor of the Goddess since time immemorial.

Legend has it, that the Serpent originally taught women the techniques of childbirth via the Sacred Dance.The fiery Inner Serpent of Kundalini, is often awakened in the Sacred Dance.


Snakes periodically shed their skins, and this has always symbolized regeneration and re-birth, on all levels of existence.




Snakes symbolize Women’s Primal Wisdom,  and so, the Priestesses of the Temple of Delphi were once known as Pythia, or Python women. The Greek word for a large Python, was Drakon.



The Bible has many accounts of Serpents being adored as the symbol of pure spiritual power. In the Bible the winged serpent is identified with Lilith or Lucifer, and according to this version of events, the serpent is evil and wishes harm on humankind.

Aaron’s rod transforms into a snake which devours other snakes, Moses has a Brazen Serpent staff, named Nehushtan(Serpent Dragon), a word again at the root word for Serpent power or Witch, M’nahesh and so the snake is presented here as protective and beneficial .

There is a very clear association with snakes and Jesus, or as he was known in the Orient, Issa. Nazar, again refers to the word for Cobra/Witch, one who works with serpent power.

The entwined Serpents appear everywhere as testimony to a way of life and nature spirituality that was common to all peoples and cultures and that expressed itself uniquely among them..



It is significant that the Serpent in the Garden, is described as a Winged Serpent.



The Winged Serpent is probably one of the most ancient of spiritual symbols, and has been present in all areas of the planet from the earliest times. Time has wings!



When Serpent and Eagle join together, the Heavens and the earth join as One. Indeed , as the perfect Androgyny, the union of female and male energies, which is a direct reflection of Nature.


This is at the basis of the Diagram of the Supreme Ultimate, or the Yin Yang Trigram, and the Winged Serpent is represented commonly nowadays  in the emblem of the Medical profession, the Caduceus.



Nature has the power to infinitely create Life, and also Death - healing, and transformation on the Infinite Wheel of Life. So, Nature is symbolised by the Serpent.

This group will provide us with a venue to discuss and explore the ancient pre-patriarchal Traditions and practices of Serpent-Worship.


Discussion Forum

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The only way that Prana or Chi can be assimilated in your system, is by breathing correctly. That's why the ancient masters breathed in and out only using their nostrils! BB

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