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Hello everyone!

I've recently come across that concept of 'Oversoul'. A friend (regressionist) in a reincarnation group told me about it. She wasn't sure herself of what 'Oversoul' actually meant but we got the idea it might be a sort of "cluster" of souls.

Time passed then that friend gave me a book, "Beyond Past Lives" by Mira Kelley. The author speaks about 'Oversoul' (among other things) and this doesn't make sense to me and to the other people I've talked about it to.

So maybe you know better?

Could you please tell me what an 'Oversoul' is and how different it is from 'soul groups'?

Thank you very much in advance.

Kind regards,


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I have never heard of oversoul but I will look into it.  In the meantime I would like to share this with the site so if someone does have some knowledge of it they will share it with us.

  1. a divine spirit supposed to pervade the universe and to encompass all human souls. The term is associated particularly with Transcendentalism.

    The Over-Soul - Wikipedia

    "The Over-Soul" is an acclaimed essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson, first published in 1841. ... (In Sanskrit the word param means "supreme" and atman means "soul"; thus Paramatman literally means "Supreme-Soul".) The term is used frequently ...

Thanks Gyhldeptis.  I am curious about this work by Emerson as well.

I will have to read more on this subject myself.love and blessings

Hello SunKat :)

I looked 'oversoul' up many times before posting this topic.

I kept on reading the book I mentioned and yesterday I think I've eventually understood what 'oversoul' meant to the author. She claims whatever relates to 'oversoul'. I would be more humble if I were her.

According to her, an oversoul would generate souls. Each soul would lead to only one incarnation. When it ends, the soul would take the time to assess it then would go back to the oversoul.

In the oversoul's perspective, all its souls/incarnations would coexist in the Now.

How oversouls and soul groups deal with each other: this seams quite complicated. It looks much simpler if one considers one soul with multiple incarnations (instead of an "oversoul").

I think there exists no "oversoul", as simple as that. That concept makes no sense to me, it complicates everything uselessly.

I'm aware the concept of 'oversoul' exists for other fields than reincarnation. But only the field of reincarnation interests me here.

Please correct me if wrong.

I think in this matter there may be no right or wrong answer?  I read a few articles and each author seems to relate the oversoul to different meanings while connecting it to the higher self and reincarnation.  I'm not even sure I understand but I am intrigued by this book and I have a good friend who may want to read it too.  I'm certainly glad you came to your own conclusion!

Thank you everyone :)

Hello SunKat :)

Indeed, something can exist without our resonating with it, without our getting any evidence of the existence of it but I really think that the concept of "oversoul in the western reincarnation" is made up, is a vain human attempt to implant us with a new trend. I stick to the concept of a soul with multiple extensions/incarnations, with no belief in pyramidal hierarchies and so on.

I have taken out all inappropriate comments.


thanks Linda...I saw them but wasn't home..to tell everyone to play nice and respectful...Image result for play nice pics


we are sorry if inappropriate posts were made here earlier, it always saddens us when people do not play nice.

It may be important to remember that each individual picks up various memes that they interpret in contexts which appear new to themselves, and also to try to remember that some people 'market' the understanding they derive from their current context, a context that evolves over time but which always 'deposits' its interpretations of the memes they have 'ingested' with members of their cultures, and others, where they can find space in other people's minds to grow and to evolve.

odd note - the Hindu Vedas place the mind in the belly, and indeed the belly contains such a high density of nerves that it acts as a semi-autonomous 'brain', as part of the parasympathetic nervous system...

Anyways... we each wind up with different concepts of the cosmos and all it may contain that we sometimes try to 'sell' for support.  Many of us arrive here at the temple hoping to find people with whom who can share our ideas or we come here hoping to learn to understand our own ideas through other people's insights and wisdom.

We are very grateful for this discussion, even though we've scarcely broached our possible beliefs regarding 'oversouls'.

We try to remember the contexts in which we learn to place things.  'Oversoul' evokes images of a pyramid, social orders, and dominance of some kind.  But this is typical because we all learn by a dominant person's guidance until we become self-guided.  Our societies and cultures are derived from social orders that preserve our ability to partake in nurturing activities and receive their rewards.  From early times tribes depended upon visionary people to guide them, and many of these leaders commanded many people.  Our social structures evolved around the concept of authority, especially in times of crises, but also to help us relate to the seasons of the year and the tasks each season demands of us.

When we each investigate things that are poorly understood we project familiar concepts to fill the voids of things unknown to us.  Every successful meme has this pattern of growth, adapting to its social setting in a mutually beneficial manner.  So when we try to examine the concept of an 'oversoul' we unconsciously transfer properties to this idea that may not always be a good match, but which may feel right to us at the moment we become aware of them.

Consequently, each person who contributes to the definition of what an 'oversoul' might be brings something a little different to the table; hopefully they are able to leave with something better than they began with.

Here is what we would like to contribute:

We doubt the existence of a unique, singular oversoul which guides all of us, or which generates our individual souls.  We can certainly postulate and even create such, but we think this may lead to conflict, and even war, especially when two cultures cannot reach a mutual understanding from which both may benefit.

Instead we believe each person is a manifestation of their own 'oversoul' which we might define as a higher spirit whose wisdom can guide us if we can allow ourselves to listen and cooperate.  Except, we object to the 'higher' part, we think all people are the equals of all others, including being the equals of all the different manifestations of their own souls.

We think this balance always exists at all times, but that we can interrupt our awareness of our blessings with fear, anger, envy, and other bad feelings.  

The concept of an 'oversoul' seems to be imprinted with a hierarchical structure that goes against our belief in universal equality.  If, indeed, the author of a book claims ownership of the ideas expressed within it, then they are trying to position themselves closer to the top of this imagined hierarchy by claiming ownership.

But ideas are born from memes learned from our cultures.  Ultimately, if anyone owns ideas, then they are the collective properties of the cultures that organize them and maintain them.  We try to remember that all ideas are only pointing toward something unknown; ultimately, our own ideas may get in the way of experiencing what things may really be from any other point of view than our own.  We become prisoners of our own beliefs.

As for what an 'oversoul' may really be:

We see the sum of all created beings as a vast sea from within which every possible manifestation of existence evolves in an infinite array of contexts and expressions.  Some of these manifestations bear a similarity to one another such that they may be grouped into 'families' or other collective entities.  Each group has its own guiding principles, its shared spirit or essence that can appear to them and guide them in daily life and in crises.

So those may be forms or expressions of 'oversouls'.

Ultimately, there may be a unity within which all boundaries of definitions, classifications, and status of any sort disappear, so that we are, as we always have been, expressions of a greater collective oversoul.  But as soon as we try to define this we become defensive of our own concepts of this greater part of all of us.

We evolved through social conditioning and our trained instincts tell us we must defend our cultures; our defensive survival instincts kick into high gear when we believe our ideas are under attack.  We find ourselves unable to back down from untenable positions, unable to acknowledge defeat, or else feeling too guilty about the costs of our conflicts to enjoy the spoils of our wars if we should win.

Wars help everyone reshape their beliefs, but there is always opportunity for peace if we allow ourselves to appreciate the same ideas we hold true to ourselves when they are expressed differently by representatives of other cultures.

Please note - this channeled work has been spoken by whatever sometimes passes for an 'oversoul' within us.

May you find peace.


love, the grigs....

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.  I greatly appreciate your perspective and interpretation.  Blessings!

Thanks for getting us thinking about this Sunkat,

it may be important to note that people are 'wired' differently, that is, at some of the lowest (root) levels of their socio-cognitive conditioning they acquire preferences for either dominance or submission.  It takes a lot of energy to maintain balance between these modes, consequently many people default to one or another (which may mostly appear to benefit the doms).

Neither mode may really be superior, each has its appropriate conditions.

Both modes have an attraction for the concept of an 'oversoul', so many people will support this concept, regardless of their motivation.

This creates social inertia that conditions or locks people into this dichotomy instead of exploring a way out.

Our vote is for more exploration!

-Enjoy!, love grigs...


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