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This Group is specifically for those who prefer to apply Critical Thinking rather than follow blind faith, those that are natural Sceptics, and true Atheists.

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Administrated by Alannah and Pagan

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The mental process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information to reach an answer or conclusion. 


Inclined to question the truth or soundness of accepted ideas, not easily convinced.


The disbelief in the existence of god or gods. From the Greek, atheos - a 'without', theos 'god'.

This Group is to all intents solely for those that fall into the above three definition areas. It is not a place for Non-Atheists to debate with Atheists, rather it is a secular meeting place and for those of a like-mindedness to discuss freely their thoughts and ideas pertaining to these things in an atmosphere of acceptance, camaraderie, fellowship, and mutual respect. It is to protect these ideals that membership in this group is either by invitation or by approval.


Discussion Forum

The Case Against Immortality by Keith Augustine

Started by Alannah. Last reply by THE LIAR 15 hours ago. 5 Replies

The Case Against Immortalityby Keith AugustineBut in the present state of psychology and physiology, belief in immortality can, at any rate, claim no support from science, and such…Continue

Tags: Finality, Death, Soul, Immortality, Augustine

What Sacred Cow do YOU most want to turn into Hamburger ???

Started by THE LIAR. Last reply by THE LIAR 19 hours ago. 1 Reply

I will start this off with the most obvious of sacred cows, the Queen Mother…Continue

Atheism Has Health Benefits

Started by Pagan Trillanie. Last reply by THE LIAR yesterday. 1 Reply

"Why is leaving religion good for your health? Jon Fortenbury explores that…Continue

Tags: religion, non-belief, health, Atheism

Determining the Attributes and Effects of Gods by Tracie Harris

Started by Alannah. Last reply by Alannah Oct 24. 2 Replies

Determining the Attributes and Effects of GodsSo, I was on The Thinking Atheist the last two weeks with Matt. And before going on the final night, the show’s host, Seth Andrews, submitted a very long, well organized e-mail that he’d received from a…Continue

Tags: Conceptual, Tracie, Harris, Attributes, Deities


Started by Pagan Trillanie. Last reply by Alannah Oct 24. 1 Reply

"Just because you are intelligent or have great knowledge does not mean you can think critically. A profound genius may have the most irrational of beliefs or the most unreasonable of opinions. Critical thinking is about how we use our intelligence…Continue

Tags: beliefs, opinions, guide, critical-thinking

How to Tell a Good Website from a Crap Website

Started by Pagan Trillanie Oct 14. 0 Replies

When you find a science article on the web, how do you know whether it's reliable or not?by Brian DunningBecause Skeptoid has very specific guidelines regarding their materials. I have simply posted a link here for review. I feel this is a very…Continue

Tags: website-evaluation, Brian-Dunning, skeptic, skeptoid, validity-of-websites

An Interview with Stephen H Law by Alison George

Started by Alannah. Last reply by Alannah Oct 12. 2 Replies

A field guide to bullshit13 June 2011 by Alison GeorgeMagazine issue 2816.…Continue

Tags: New, Scientist, Skepticism, Philosophy, H

Have You Lost Friends or Family Due To Your Non-Belief?

Started by Pagan Trillanie. Last reply by Pagan Trillanie Oct 2. 11 Replies

Atheists are the most despised minority in the United States. Americans are more prejudiced and bigoted against atheists than any other group. However, not every atheist has directly and personally experienced such bigotry. Have you? Has anyone…Continue

The Trouble With Absolutes

Started by THE LIAR. Last reply by Alannah Sep 30. 5 Replies

       Here is kind of a synopsis of the Catechism that I was required to memorize through MUCH repetition as a child.       " There is a God. God is Good, Uncreated, Immutable, Eternal, Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient. "  END OF STORY…Continue

Comment Wall


You need to be an initiate of CRITICAL THINKING, SCEPTICISM & ATHEISM to add comments!

Comment by Pagan Trillanie 18 hours ago

To all my friends here, wishing you a night filled with lots of spooky fun. :-) 

Comment by Alannah 19 hours ago

In regards to your last wall message RaiB and in regards also to the peace of the group, I agree that it should go forward in the spirit it was started in. As you stated the original group is here with its members intact, so let us go forward with the group and continue to keep it as good as it has been - Alannah

Comment by Pagan Trillanie yesterday

As admins we do not have that ability to do so. We have the ability to close a discussion and remove comments from threads only. We cannot remove a thread or a comment from the wall except our own. 

Comment by Alannah on Wednesday

At the request of another party, myself and Pagan have removed our posts and have taken this to email with RaiB to sort this out. A PDF copy of the conversation has been retained if needed by anyone.

Comment by David on Tuesday
Hello all. I am on line acquaintances with pagan and Allanah. I have been absent b/c I am going thru a divorce involving my two children. One is developmentally delayed which means I have been unable to get a diagnosis for him but able to get him speech and physical therapy. I have been recently been accused of unimaginable crimes in an attempt to block me from seeing my children. This is bouncing across my email and much more drama than I am experiencing currently. Just my two cents.
Comment by Pagan Trillanie on October 23, 2014 at 9:25am

And to celebrate Halloweeeeeen! I bring you, none other than... Dr Frank n Furter!!!

Comment by Pagan Trillanie on October 23, 2014 at 9:16am

Thanks marK for the video. *chuckles* I enjoyed the lyrics. And here's a comic I found for ya. :-) 

Comment by THE LIAR on October 21, 2014 at 3:24pm

The Ultimate Theatre of the Absurd has always been Religion . Sexuality is  a prime target for this absurdity . And now for your musical entertainment...

Comment by Alannah on October 21, 2014 at 3:00pm

*facepalms at the Satanic sexual organs* Doesn't this dickhead actually remember that its his god who supposedly created man and woman and the biology inherent within them? *sighs* Get me off this planet now, please, fucking beam up somebody, anybody!!!!!!

To the person on that post spouting his fecal stupidity, here you go Sir, well done you won!!!

Comment by Pagan Trillanie on October 20, 2014 at 7:04pm

*chuckles* Don't ya just love the part "even you atheists". LOL Nope, sorry it's your fantasy island. Not ours. ;-) Don't drag us into this. 


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