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This Group is specifically for those who prefer to apply Critical Thinking rather than follow blind faith, those that are natural Sceptics, and true Atheists.

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The mental process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information to reach an answer or conclusion. 


Inclined to question the truth or soundness of accepted ideas, not easily convinced.


The disbelief in the existence of god or gods. From the Greek, atheos - a 'without', theos 'god'.

This Group is to all intents solely for those that fall into the above three definition areas. It is not a place for Non-Atheists to debate with Atheists, rather it is a secular meeting place and for those of a like-mindedness to discuss freely their thoughts and ideas pertaining to these things in an atmosphere of acceptance, camaraderie, fellowship, and mutual respect. It is to protect these ideals that membership in this group is either by invitation or by approval.


Discussion Forum

An Interview with Stephen H Law by Alison George

Started by Alannah 5 hours ago. 0 Replies

A field guide to bullshit13 June 2011 by Alison GeorgeMagazine issue 2816.…Continue

Tags: New, Scientist, Skepticism, Philosophy, H

The Trouble With Absolutes

Started by THE LIAR. Last reply by Alannah 7 hours ago. 5 Replies

       Here is kind of a synopsis of the Catechism that I was required to memorize through MUCH repetition as a child.       " There is a God. God is Good, Uncreated, Immutable, Eternal, Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient. "  END OF STORY…Continue

Atheism Has Health Benefits

Started by Pagan Trillanie yesterday. 0 Replies

"Why is leaving religion good for your health? Jon Fortenbury explores that…Continue

Tags: religion, non-belief, health, Atheism

Have You Lost Friends or Family Due To Your Non-Belief?

Started by Pagan Trillanie. Last reply by THE LIAR on Friday. 10 Replies

Atheists are the most despised minority in the United States. Americans are more prejudiced and bigoted against atheists than any other group. However, not every atheist has directly and personally experienced such bigotry. Have you? Has anyone…Continue

Sperm and eggs carry genetic memories of parents' health well before conception

Started by Pagan Trillanie Aug 19. 0 Replies

There’s now overwhelming evidence that parents’ bad habits can be passed on to their children genetically, according to Australian researchers.Image: Deva Studio/ShutterstockEnvironmental factors and parents’ health before conception have more…Continue

Tags: health, epigenetics, diseases, genetics, rights

Dinosaur/ Man Tracks Fact or Fiction

Started by Pagan Trillanie. Last reply by Pagan Trillanie Aug 13. 4 Replies

It's fairly easy these days to research a photo, where it originally came from along with any information accompanying that photo, how long it's been around on the net, if modified versions exist, and also learning who the photographer is. Let's see…Continue

Tags: tracks, man, dinosaur

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You need to be an initiate of CRITICAL THINKING, SCEPTICISM & ATHEISM to add comments!

Comment by Alannah 5 hours ago

A C Grayling - http://www.acgrayling.com/

"People should be left to believe what they like, so long as they harm no one else. Apart from normal expectations of politeness, it is not however clear why people should require their personal beliefs to be treated with special sensitivity by others, to the point that if others fail to tip-toe respectfully around them they will start throwing bombs.”

"“Eagleton has spent his life inside two mental boxes, Catholicism and Marxism, of both of which he is a severe internal critic—that is, he frequently kicks and scratches at the inside of the boxes, but does not leave them. Neither are ideologies that loosen their grip easily, and people who need the security of adherence to a big dominating ideology, however much they kick and scratch but without daring to leave go, hold on to it every bit as tightly as it holds onto them. The result is of course strangulation, but alas not mutual strangulation: the ideology always wins.”

Comment by Alannah 6 hours ago

Glad you enjoyed it marK, Connolly always has a way with words to say the least lol. :-)

And on Ghosthunting shows -

Comment by THE LIAR on Saturday

Billy is a HOOT !!!! Thanks so much for posting this Allanah .

Comment by Alannah on Saturday

Always a good laugh. Sweary words too so you've all been warned lol :-)

Comment by Alannah on Saturday

Theologian chess anyone? :-)


P.s. Last post deleted as pic messed up!

Comment by Alannah on Saturday

Great video marK! And I agree I mean I dont know what they're complaining about myself, I mean according to this chap Christians get it far too easy these days, and maybe did so back then ;-)

Comment by THE LIAR on Friday

I was under the impression that persecution was a badge of honor to Christians, a " cross " to be borne with patience and even love for your persecutors. Where is these whiny assholes faith ? If they are going to believe what they believe as " revealed " in the Bible then they can expect the worst from this world .

Attached is a ditty about martyrdom.  marK

Comment by Pagan Trillanie on Friday
Comment by Pagan Trillanie on Thursday

> https://www.facebook.com/templeilluminatus/posts/1508390376071280

This quote didn't appear until the year 2000 and with no source. 

Comment by Pagan Trillanie on September 24, 2014 at 1:24pm

*chuckles* The Invention of Lying. :-) I actually haven't seen that one before. I can't help but laugh about the whole pizza box thing though. I think the point is emerging. 


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