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What does negative energy mean to you and how do you handle it?

What does negative energy mean to you?

How do you handle negative energy?

Negative places or people?

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Negative energy is usually energy that makes you feel uneasy, weary or tired, if it is something that you sense in others

If you do not want to be part of it, resist it and it will stop bothering you.

Try not to think of negative energy as bad if you don't like like it, think abstention

Generally when I think of negative energy I think of people who try to make you intentionally feel bad, and feed off of your misery

Negative energy is like low vibrational distortion... it can be felt in the chakras primarily...as humans..we have our own negative pulses.. but there are also residual bodies of it in other planes which layer this plane........

Our own energy..when it becomes negative due to irritations in our senses.. it de-harmonizes with the other chakras thus creating jam in our energy circulation which is what gives us the feeling of being drained .... negative energy has 5 main roots... Fear, Anger, Regret, Doubt and Desire.... these things try to set us off our balance... and influence our decisions sometimes to the point of changing our lives.... but these are also the very things that hold us back the most ........and all of this energy is what de-synchronizes you with you elements (life) and the return of all of this disproportionate energy is negative karma ( or a negative life pattern ) and it is in these ways we lose control of our own influence over our life.... the solution.. is reclaiming balance.... Fear, Doubt, and Regret are vanquished with Will, Strategy and Reconstitution.... Anger and Desire are always balances in self control as the energy of these two give off adrenaline.... these can be better held with a medative reflex...

The other negative energies are disturbance deposits in the dimensional helix... something unseen, but present outside of our vision....also there are parasitic entities (varying in types) that feed from low vibrational energy... a home full of these "spirits" can give off a negative feel and even manifest hauntings ... These spirits can only be dealt with with magick (there are so many techniques of that I wanted to keep this short)


                                                                 These are two common types

Hi all, thanks for your answers; I agree with lots of what you have written.
   For me 'negative' energy is when the vibrations are out of 'synch' as you, Knightrider, indicated.  They are not resonant or harmonious with the other energies present in the field or with my energies.  What might be negative for one person may not be negative for another.  We often sense/feel those disharmonies, but do not know exactly what is causing them in our three dimensional environments.  They might be coming from an individual, several individuals, from the field itself or something outside the field.  
If I am in my own space, I find, cleansing it with sage or frankincense, using a crystal or a sound very helpful.  Submerging myself in water in the sea or in a bath also works well.  If I am in a public space and I feel what comes across as negative energy, I remind myself that there really is no negative or positive energy in the world of energy; there is no polarity in the world of energy.  There are only frequencies and vibrations.  I might then try to clear and balance the field, ie. put into the environment a clear steady beat of a frequency to attempt to get the vibrations around me to resonate to my beat.  Often this works; sometimes, however, if the negativity/disharmony/lack of resonance is too big or too strong then I must retreat and clear myself rather than be drained or effected by what is occurring in the field.
If we go into fear, as you, fenz, shared, we go down the rabbit hole and escalate the problem  I strongly suggest, attempting, as best you can to put your fear aside by recognizing that what you fear is energetic, not physical, and can be altered, shifted and dissipated
I believe it is also important to note that what we focus on, we draw to us.  If our focus is on evil intent or negative spirits, then we will possibly, have to deal with it and them.  If we mentally send light to those spirit energies and send them to the light, they will not hang around as they cannot survive in the faster vibrations of light. ...at least that is my experience.  As we progress on the energetic evolutionary path, I believe we move more and more out of a three dimensional concern for negative energies and more and more into trusting that the energies are just energy, not more or less, some faster, some slower, some easier for us to handle and some more challenging, but none intrinsically bad or good.


I found that negative energy is a part of our life experience. I embrass it and look for the thing I am to learn or experience from it. For example, I know people who focus their thoughts on negative things in life. When I am around those people I can feel them draining the life from me. The thing I have learned about people with negative energy it is their thoughts that help create that.

When it comes to places with negative energy it has been my experience that when a tragic event happens it leaves a negative charge in the area. For example, if you visit the battlefield national parks you can feel the negative enegry on the battlefield.

I agree with thoughts creating the majority of negativity in individuals. When you get on that path, it actually is like being on a dirt road "in a rut". It becomes programmed to just react negatively to everything and to keep mulling over how much your life sucks (even if it really doesn't). I think most people stay in the rut because it takes effort to pull yourself out. To question why you are thinking that way and release that thought by replacing it with a thought of gratitude for the life you have been given, to realize that many on Earth probably have a much tougher path, does take some practice. It also takes more effort than just drinking it away or taking a pill so you feel nice and fluffy until you crash back down to reality after the buzz, and then fall right back into your rut. I obviously am not perfect and am still working on it, but am happier than I have ever been on a more consistent basis by changing nothing other than my thought patterns. (As well as completely avoiding the substance crutches..)

Also, doing research and finding out how to psychically protect myself when I'm out has completely reversed my loathing for public places. Now when I am out, I feel empowered to block other's anxiety from entering my energy field and focusing on spreading the joy I feel when I am out of the house with others I make contact with. Very liberating!

Love and Light,


I do feel that everyone is doing Exactly what they need to do in life, because change has to come from within...  No words can equate for and experience, and people who desire to be negative, have a reason for it and no matter how much I or any person desires for a negative person / entity to change they or it can not be forced to alter...  Humans have tried to force each other to follow what they are told to do and how to feel, and it still does not work...

So free will means they can not be forced to change!

Unconditional Love means I am supposed to accept them just as they are with no desire to redirect their actions, and me desiring to change another person is just me playing God

Accusing another person of being emotionally negative is similar to Satan accusing Job of being unrighteous before God (the bible indicates that Satan is the lead accuser / The One who declares human faults) , as I have no problem with what another person does per se, I just do not have to subject myself to others actions, and can decide to NOT participate in their agenda, and be happy that they find what they are looking for in this reality or the next

Love and Light

Darkness is not a force, it is just the absence of light. Cold is the absence of heat. "Negative energy" just means absence or lack of energy. Apply more energy, negative becomes positive. The principle applies to the emotional and psychic dimensions in the same way. Hate and fear are not forces; they are the effect of the void where love is absent. Love or positive energy is a natural characteristic of life itself. If you are having problems with negative energy, allow more positive love-energy to come forth from the living essence within you. Perhaps there are breaks in your circle that are allowing your positive energy to leak away; or perhaps you are being sapped of positive energy by a "psychic vampire"—these problems can be fixed by a few simple psychic self-defense techniques and yoga practices.


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