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Hello everyone. 

Just wanted to introduce myself to the community. 

I'm a constant seeker and I love exploring the odd intersections that our diverse paths create. I am continually inspired by those who search for Truth and remain unsatisfied, those who hunger and thirst for knowledge and are never satiated. 

A bit of my spiritual background: born and raised in a charismatic Protestant home. I am very thankful for the values instilled in me at an early age. While, I have since left the strict framework of my youth for a more free expression of faith I cannot deny the influences both positive and negative the faith of my family has had on me and I am glad to have experienced it growing up.

Since those days, I've explored a number of paths from neo-paganism to atheism (I know right?) I believe that the world we live in has so much to offer and I keep my mind open, never outright rejecting any new idea I come across. You've heard the phrase: "suspend your belief" but I much prefer to willingly suspend my disbelief. Remaining open to new ideas helps us understand what does and doesn't work for us.

I am currently studying with the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC and have really enjoyed the way the lessons are structured. 

I look forward to meeting you all and sharing ideas!


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Hi Ethan, 

I find many of us started out on the christian path, then looked for something that was a better fit, later in life.  Throughout this search, we discover many similarities between spiritual paths.   It's how I ended up a witch.   I have been here at the Temple for 6 years now.  I came broken and confused, and they raised me up and supported me.  I have made many wonderful friends here, I like to think of this place as my home.(my sleeping bag is in the back)I'm so glad you found us, and came home.

     If you have any questions, or need help, just ask.


Hi, Ethan, I like the way you approach your life, your beliefs and dis-beliefs.

I consider myself a truly open minded individual.
I was not raised a Christian in a very Catholic country, Cuba.

My father had been a Rosicrucian, a Mason and then became a Theosophist.

I was raised reading all of his books, which were numerous, and living in a country where everyone was Catholic, and concerned about why the differences.

I have read the Vedas and the Bhagavad Gita, way before I ever read a Christian Bible or a Jewish Torah.

I also was once a Rosicrucian, I was taught by a so called Guru, Hermetic,and the teachings of the Golden Dawn, and read all kind of books of all kind of religions, I studied Philosophy and Letters in Cuba, and learned about all the Greek philosophers and those since.

In this country I learned about the Transcendentalists and oh so much more.

Now I am a student of Kabbalah, the Jewish one, but I had studied the Mystical Cabala as well.

However, I belief in nothing that I have not verified myself, but I am open to test anything and everything.

I have studied a lot of astrology, as well, many different kinds, including the Mayan, the several Oriental ones, Jyoti, the Hindu one, and the one that is most commonly known here. And I do charts of different kinds.

But as I have learned so much, I know so little of the reality of anything, unless I have experienced something, and I have experienced a lot, but not enough to say that I know everything that can be known or that I have solved the enigma of the Sphinx!

And I am glad, because I am still expanding my Universe.

Good to meet you Ethan!  We look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you better!  Make yourself at home.


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